We are a system integrator
for renewable energies.

With a clear focus on commercial and industrial roofs and wall cladding we provide our customers tailor-made solutions for a clean and sustainable energy production.
We turn your building into a Kraftwerk (German: power station).

We develop.

Own own developments mirror our long-standing experience on large flat roofs and commercial trapezoidal steel roofs. Our systems are based on profound knowledge from
the roof and protect your assets over a long period, both your building as well as your
energy system.

Particulary a flat roof means special challenges to the interconnection of the energy system and the building. Through our expertise we provide proven technologies giving customised solutions for your requirements.

We deliver solutions.

Generating energy on a roof does not end with solar electrity but includes also wind electricity and the utilisation of the whole energy potential of the roof. We understand the building in its entirety and deliver tailor-made solutions for a high level of safety and sustainable profitablity.

Ecology and Economy are brought together so that you can operate your assets both environmental-friendly and profitable.

We achieve.

Planning, installation and maintanance are only a part of our services. We provide all
other services which are essential for the project development and further to this for a professional operations of your kraftwerk. That´s our name.

We deliver.

Together with your teams we deliver on time and with quality. A very high availability
is our standard to support your projects becoming efficient, smoothly and economically.

We make.

Further to our trainings we can also realize your projects. We do not only deliver ideas and concepts but we tackle your tasks and can make your project. With all the bells and whistles.

Our partners