The best decision for your flat roof



You are looking for a flat roof mounting system which deserves no roof
penetration at all, charges only <10kg/m2, does not harm your roof membrane,
ensures economical installation and has a life time of more than 30 years?

Then you can build on AirSafe! Because AirSafe fulfils all above mentioned
requiements and many more!

AirSafe is an aerodynamic system made of aluminium. A specially developed
connection sheet, broad contact surfaces and the generator surface itself protect
the roof structure, the insolation and the roof sealing against plasticizer migration
and high pressure charges.

Through structural and aerodynamic optimization the surface charge of an installed
PV system is only between 6 to 9kg/m2.

The PV system can be declined by 10, 15, 18 or 25 degree and the alignment of
the panels (framed or frameless) can be landscape or portrait. Through the optimized
rack ventilation AirSafe impacts the yield of the PV system very positively.
A lightning protection system can be integrated as well, naturally.

AirSafe is tested in a wind tunnel and provides a system stability certificate.
AirSafe is certified for wind zones 1 to 4 and snow zones 1 to 3, locations of
a rough climate.

AirSafe is not only solid and safe – it is also economical. Included are integrated
cable-in-conduits and cabling runs underneath the panels. Through the project-
specifically produced and at the same time pre-mounted panel racks you save
valuable time – for your KRAFTWERK.